100% Natural Multi-neutral Cleaner With High Epc & Low Refund Price!

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A proprietary multi-enzyme components effectively works within minutes to give method natural soils. Enjoy in our stomachs, the enzymes within the cleaner “digests” the stains and biodegrades it away. Thus, leaving the floor utterly neat!

This pure enzyme mix works in a utterly different method than chemicals. Stain molecules latches ontothe enzymes and a chemical response occurs to effectively breakdown standard stains and soil molecules.

Assorted enzymes work to demolish apart assorted stains into smaller molecules:

Amylases works to digest starch, Proteases will get rid of protein stains, Lipases will get rid of elephantine and greasy stains, Cellulase modifies and softens the structure of cellulose fibre on cotton and cotton blends. Mannanases effectively will get rid of thickeners and gel texture in meals and cosmetics from materials and therefore stop dirt from sticking to the fabric and Pectinase degrades pectin, which will be acids residues feeble in most processed foods.

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