Adorable Puppy Inspired Birthday Paw-ty

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What could be better than a puppy inspired birthday party, or as we like to call it “paw-ty”. Nothing, nothing is better. This party is one of the most creative themes we have seen in our time reviewing birthdays, and we have to say it is a pretty safe bet everyone can enjoy it. We mean, who doesn’t adore some lovely puppy related content!? Scroll on to catch every adorable and heartwarming moment of this sweet puppy inspired party planned by our talented friends at The Revelry Co.

The Revelry Co. shares a behind the scene’s look at this party,

Last year Penny turned 4 with rainbows and ponies so it seemed only natural to celebrate her 5th birthday with puppies! When planning the theme we were immediately inspired by the darling puppy prints created by Diane Robison. They set the tone for the playful decor! We incorporated polka dots, blush, and florals to complete the look. We were super excited to work with @creativecravingsbyjessica and she blew us away with the attention to detail on the sugar cookies she created! The puppy faces were so cute we wanted to adopt them instead of eating them! Speaking of adopting… we created an adoption station where each party guest could adopt their very own puppy to take home. Diane Robison designed the cutest “Adoption Certificate” to make it feel official. And once they adopted their new puppy they could decorate their very own puppy house! For favors, we had puppy ears for the guests to wear and a giant Dalmatian for photo ops. The cupcakes were a huge crowd pleaser and the florals gave the decor a sweet feminine feel. Penny was thrilled with her “Puppy Paw-ty” and all the furry guests went home wagging their tails. 

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