Chasing Rainbows Shelter in Place Birthday Party

Somewhere over the rainbow: the treats are sweet and the shelter in place birthday parties are just as neat as pre-covid celebrations! This year our annual celebrations have changed quite a bit – especially when it comes to shelter in place birthday parties. Although the idea of socially distanced birthdays might sound like a bummer … Read more

Briel’s Moana Party

Better get your pens ready and start taking down notes because this theme is going to be a sure favorite! With summer fast approaching, a Moana-inspired party is definitely something to consider. Briel’s mom, Mild, put together an amazing classroom party filled with details from the movie Moana – even making her own Heart of … Read more

Luna’s Owl Party

You know I love to DIY! My friends usually get dragged into over-the-top party planning and styling mode when we’re preparing an event – only because it’s what I love to do. And since they love me, they let me get all cray-cray with the planning😂 But there’s one friend who I know enjoys this as much as … Read more