Luna’s Owl Party

You know I love to DIY! My friends usually get dragged into over-the-top party planning and styling mode when we’re preparing an event – only because it’s what I love to do. And since they love me, they let me get all cray-cray with the planning😂 But there’s one friend who I know enjoys this as much as … Read more

Danila’s Bohemian Beach Party

There’s no denying summer’s here and a beach trip is in order! You might as well celebrate a happy occasion while you’re in the beach, right? Mommy Gilsie took advantage of their Boracay trip to celebrate Danila’s 3rd birthday; and what was supposedly just a simple beach vacation with family and friends turned out to be an … Read more

Birds of a Feather Flock Together girl’s birthday party

Aug 1 Birds of a Feather Flock Together girl’s birthday party Categories   Kids Birthday Parties Morning, mamas! If you need us, we’ll be here scrolling through this super adorable girl’s birthday party Love of Character sent our way, in order to distract from the fact that IT’S ALREADY AUGUST! Face palm. Lucky for us, this tiny … Read more