Celebrating With Poetry – Inspirational 40th Birthday Poems

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When someone is having a 40th birthday, it’s a day they’ll never forget. To help with their important celebration, you’ll want to give them the perfect gift. Make your present extra special by including a personalized 40th birthday poem inside their greeting card. It will set your original card apart from the generic preprinted gift cards that have impersonal messages inside of them.

Writing your own message can mean a lot to someone, especially if they’re a close friend, relative, or a person you feel connected to. We all have difficulty coming up with the right thing to say, so here is a list of some inspirational sayings and poems that you further embellish:

Being born is a miracle – and I think you’re absolutely miraculous! Have a wonderful 40th birthday.

When things start to sag,

And things start to drag,

It’s time to regroup

And get back with the troop!

Forty is half way to eighty.

40 isn’t old… if you’re a tree!

Youth happens, but age is earned.

Every year your birthday reminds me

What I really want to say-

I’m very glad I’ve known you;

I love you more each day.

I hope all your 40th birthday wishes come true.

How did you expect me to remember your 40th birthday, when you never look any older?

I honor you this special day

Because it is your 40th birthday.

Celebrate with pride,

You’ve made it over the hill.

40? Let’s not go there.

Or maybe you should beware.

Happy 40th birthday to a forever friend.

May your 40th birthday be as bright and beautiful as you are.

The only way to look younger is to be born later.

I hope your fortieth birthday is as happy as you’ve made me.

“Formula for Youth….” Count your blessings, not your wrinkles.

Remember, a 40th birthday is a milestone age because it ends in a zero. So much attention has been given to these landmark celebrations, so when one creeps up on a loved one, make sure you show as much courtesy as you can. It can be a let down to someone who is expecting a lot from family and friends on their 40th birthday. There are so many expectations some people have with birthdays, especially the ones we call turning points in age.

Finding the right words to say and paying special attention to anyone having a monumental birthday are key. And please don’t forget to write them their own 40th birthday poem!

Source by Bridget Sweeney