Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

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Easy Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Plus Free Printables

My soon-to-be 9-year-old niece told me she wanted to have a Fortnite party. First, I said, “What is Fortnite?” and second, I said, “I’m on it!” Even though I had no clue what Fortnite was, I was really excited to figure it all out. With the help of her older sisters and of course, Google, I came up with these Fortnite birthday party ideas or her pool party.

I had hoped these made sense once the party started, and luckily, I received a ton of validity with the kids and they loved it. Let’s start with a quick video I made.

Video: Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas and DIY Party Favors

Fortnite Invitations

For the invites I grabbed an image and designed the invitation. Upon my niece’s (and sister-inlaw’s) approval, I printed them on photo paper. You can buy an invitation kit that comes with envelopes to do this. Here is how they turned out:

Fortnite Party Signs

I made a few signs to place around the house.  You can download them here for FREE. Googling an image of the Fortnite map, I picked some of the places like Lucky Landing and Junk Junction. I also made a Proudly serving Tomato Town Pizza sign for the food table. The biggest hit at the party was when I placed a Flush Factory sign on the door of the bathroom. I bought the green and white frames from IKEA.

Fortnite Birthday Banner Printable and Cupcake Toppers

My favorite part of my Fortnite search was the upgrade llama. So, I made her banner by designing a three inch circle with the llama and the letters to spell out “Happy Birthday Skye”. I cut them out with a 3 inch circle punch and hot glued them to decorative string.

Get the Happy Birthday banner here.

I also did the same for the cupcake toppers and used Washi tape to tape them onto skewers. The kids loved these and ended up playing a game with them that they made up.

Free Printable Shield Potion

Apparently, Shield Potion is a rare consumable healing item in Battle Royale, which can be used to increase the player’s current shield by 50 Shield points…whatever that means. Ha! So I designed my own label and placed them on blue raspberry Kool Aid Burst bottles. The kids went crazy for these things and we may have over-served a few… ha!

You can get the free printable here: Free Printable Shield Potion

Fortnite Food Table

My sister-in-law found some labels she liked on Pinterest and I used those to make my own so they matched the other decorations I made including brownie bombs, rescue rope, and gun powder.

For the food table, I also placed some shield potion jars as decorations. We filled them with water and blue food coloring. I also used black and tan table clothes, fake green grass, and Halloween netting all inspired by a battle field.

Fortnite MedKit Party Favors

Medkit is an Uncommon consumable healing item in Battle Royale. It restores all lost health. I like the box idea and made those the box for the party favors. To make these I used:

  • Cupcake Baker’s Boxes
  • Thick Red Ribbon
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Get this medkit printable here.

I simply wrapped the ribbon around the box and hot glued it (watch the video above). I also made my own thank you tag from Skye and place it on top. For the inside of the box I made:

  • Pulse Bomb High Bounce Balls
  • Upgrade Llama Slime
  • Fatal Field Fun Dip
  • Paradise Palms Pixy Stix

I created a station so that the kids could fill their own Medkit before they left the party.

All in all, it was a hit! The kids loved it and some of them asked to take home the signs I made. Giving myself a pat on the back for this one since I had NO CLUE what Fortnite was!

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This post was originally published on September 6, 2018. It has since been updated and improved.

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