Hid Raise Bold Response Gun Holster

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I obtained my holster on the present time and wore it while riding my bike. I wore it up a tiny better and it didn’t bind or dig into my facet. I even possess owned many holsters within the previous and this one is by far the exclusively. I practically neglect it is even there. Thank you very worthy! – James in Louisville KY

I ordered the intrepid response holster. Easiest day after day holster on the market. Works with any dresses. Love it. – Stuart in Highland UT

I even possess not too long within the past got my unique Bold Holster. I must pronounce this holster is uncommon, I recognize how a particular person can carry extra magazines and numerous dimension caliber firearms without switching to a numerous holster. This Hid Raise Holster is the suitable holster for any person recognize me who works in excessive crime areas or any person that likes to hunt. With this holster, I feel recognize I’m put collectively to present protection to my family in any environment. I extremely counsel Bold holsters to be your substitute for hid carry holsters. -Patrick in Chicago (Newest law enforcement and Firearm Teacher)

I care for the holster. Very light weight, holds all three of my pistols of that are three numerous molds. I care for that it would not pull on my paints or shorts even wearing basketball shorts. Easiest holster I even possess ever owned. – Bryan in Leavenworth KS

I purchased two of your holsters. I’m very delighted. They’re very ecstatic and the fit is accurate. Your product is awesome and I’m hoping to be doing switch with you all over again in some unspecified time in the future. – Fred in Arlington Hts IL

Holster is massive. Solves some considerations for carrying all over summer season when waistband carry just isn’t consistently reasonable. Lightweight, nevertheless sturdy and stable. Suits snugly and subtly in opposition to the body. Huge holster. – Shelli in Valley Center KS

As an NRA and Illinois Hid Raise Teacher I even possess plenty of holsters to illustrate the category. After I confirmed your holster the fervour became once overwhelming. All of them wanted to gaze at it and touch and feel it. They loved the premise of it being self sustaining of your pants or belt. You furthermore mght can alter it for excessive or low carry. Deep or shallow. Plus the magazine holders right by the firearm became once a plus. You furthermore mght can furthermore exercise it for a mini compact your entire formulation up to the 1911. I in my thought possess frail it for the final 5 days and am also impressed with it. It stays where you put it, is amazingly accurate and may perchance perchance furthermore be adjusted very without insist. All in all on a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a accurate 9. Thanks for making an modern product for now and the future. – Gerald in Litchfield IL (Firearm Teacher)

I purchased my unique holster on story of I became once shopping for something extra ecstatic for hid carry. It’s VERY ecstatic! Additionally, it works massive for all of my handguns and pistols. I even possess 2 revolvers and just a few semi autos.My Ruger KP95 is a colossal framed handgun and it carries comfortably. My .357 Magnus also carries somewhat ecstatic with this holster. I most regularly replaced ALL my other holsters with this one. Thank you for a large invent and the incredible comfort. I carry every day and became once not consistently ecstatic doing so till I obtained this holster. – John in Tooele UT

I care for my unique holster. I hated to defend it up story of it consistently drags my pants down. This solves that scenario and offers space for spare clips. I extremely counsel. – Glenn in Louisville KY

Cherish plenty of guys I’ve been in quest of the exclusively conceal carry holster. The “exclusively” is considerably subjective, nevertheless let it suffice to pronounce, if your holster just isn’t ecstatic or would not conceal your weapon well, you are doubtlessly not going to be carrying your weapon. That suggests you are inclined to be unprepared when the need arises. I’ve heard it stated that your holster mustn’t be ecstatic, it’ll restful be comforting. After wearing the unique holster, I’m able to pronounce with conviction, “Nonsense”. My unique holster permits me to carry my Glock 23 with three paunchy magazines while wearing wonderful about any model of dresses. Or not it is so ecstatic and concealable, I wear it everywhere I trot. That is the closing fulfillment of the ecstatic AND concealable standards. Smartly carried out! – Ken in Tigard OR

This holster is mainly the most ecstatic I’ve ever outmoded. After 28 years of law enforcement I’m able to’t imagine I accumulate this holster now. I will proceed caring my weapon. -Gerald in Indian Land SC

Easiest off duty/on duty holster I even possess ever owned. Refined, adjustable, concealable. THANKS! – Jim in Louisville KY

Thanks for transport the holster so fast! I shortened it wonderful a tiny and it matches wonderful right. It rides on the hip and follows the body without something else displaying. Thanks all over again for this form of high quality item! – Wilbur in Perkinston MS

I even possess tried many hid carry holsters over time. The considerations has been numerous holsters for numerous costume/seasons. The intrepid response holster is somewhat ecstatic. I even possess outmoded it with shorts, denims, slacks with and without a coat. It matches my significant carry piece and the forward cant is massive. This would be my significant holster. – Jim in Florissant CO

Got my holster and possess put all my other holsters within the bottom dresser design. Certainly basically the most ecstatic hid holster I even possess ever outmoded. Love the reality that you may perchance perchance be carry two mags and a flashlight, though when carrying an prolonged magazine it’ll trudge you within the facet a tiny; nevertheless restful cannot be beat. For these other huge guys petrified that it is going to also not fit, it has gigantic room within the belt to fit us; I’m 6’3″ and 290lbs. You furthermore mght can possess a winner up to now as I’m concerned!!!!!!!! – David in Orange VA

We tried them on and for the first time ever, I even possess a holster I’m able to wear with my preferred dresses! We possess bought not decrease than 6 numerous kinds if holsters making an try for one which works for me. I even possess 2 very costly leather-essentially based totally mostly purses namely designed to carry and a lap to find also namely designed for carry….none of which I even possess been able to feel stable using. I’m a retired Marine and I’m very fully delighted with this lift. I feel practically as safe as I did when in uniform. Oohrah! – Karen in Pensacola FL

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