How Do Wickless Candles Work?

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No romantic scenario is complete without a pair of candles. If you are one of those who want to do everything perfectly then imagine a situation when it is early evening, you are dressed for the occasion. There is soft music playing you have your perfect partner, your Mr. Right, has proposed to you with a big diamond ring, sitting on his knees, there is champagne and caviar. In this, candles only complete the picture. You cannot think of the moment without the soft glow of candle lit dinner!

Also imagine you are feeling one with the Lord Almighty you are kneeling in front of him and there is this mixed aroma of old teak wood and burning candles. The picture is complete. Now also imagine a festooned room full of kids and a huge cake in the centre of the room and several candles burning and a well-known scent of the burnt out candle with the birthday wishes. Candles therefore have a special place in every occasion.

Candles have come a long way from being traditional white slender sticks to the designer personalized ones. Nowadays they are even wickless. The question that is frequently asked is “do wickless candles burn?” Yes they do. How do they work then if they have no wick? Wickless candles are any other candle except a wick. They are placed in the centre of scentys. There is a small bulb glowing at its bottom that warms the wax. As the wax burns, it gives out an aroma.

The bulb gives the desired light. This is the candle that creates an atmosphere of a candle without the smoke and the soot. It also gives out an aroma that is very refreshing. The aroma is in all shades of scent woody, spicy, flowery and fruity. Wickless candles could be called as the eco-friendly candles.

Source by Jessica N King