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Da Ditka Book is Coming

Da Ditka E book is Coming

Jun 5, 2021 | | 0 Comments

Here is a sneak preview of the quilt artwork for our upcoming open entitled Ditka: Quotes from the Chicago Years by author Jim Stamborski. We hope you admire it. The artwork modified into once created by the Art of Phrases artist Dan Duffy. Dan writes every usual portion by hand, the use of completely phrases relevant to the field. Every usual takes on the very least 50 hours to total, with larger devices taking upwards of 200 hours.

QAnon Books Are Here!

Jan 23, 2021 | | 0 Comments

QAnon: An Invitation to the Huge Awakening is available here:

Sadly, both of our completely-selling titles that declare about QAnon contain been blocked by Kindle Speak Publishing (Amazon). Here is no longer incessantly surprising given there is once again a concerted effort by the media to frighten individuals about Q. Needless to narrate, our readers and individuals that read Q’s posts know that the alarm tactics are entirely fabricated. Q has continually advocated non-violence, unity (Where We Hurry One We Hurry All) and peace. We all know that some day our books will be prized by historians and collectors. Meanwhile, we are pondering diversified publishing and distribution alternatives. Join our reader checklist and we are able to preserve you posted. 

Certain, There Be Giants!

Dec 25, 2020 | , | 0 Comments

Attain the book The Creature from Jekyll Island? That book talks about the founding of the Federal Reserve. Nonetheless this book tells the proper story of the map it all started, your entire map relief to the times ahead of Noah’s titanic flood. And it starts with a slouch of extensive humanoids, ones that the Bible calls Nephilim.

Within the occasion you admire a story that weaves historical previous, archeology, Egyptology, symbolism, 20th Century robber barons, and the forces of correct vs contemptible, you will be capable to love the improbable day out via time that author Laura Sanger takes readers on.

The Roots of the Federal Reserve: Tracing the Nephlim from Noah to the US Dollar, newly launched in both print and eBook versions, has 553 references, making this charming read both a scholarly work and one heck of an improbable day out via hidden historical previous.

We Can Commerce the World with Admire and Joy

Might presumably also 5, 2020 | , | 0 Comments

3D Cover—Love Joy Trump: A Chorus of Prophetic Voices

Long ahead of there modified into once a President Trump, relief when the enviornment belief about Donald Trump a proper estate magnate, a television superstar, and a playboy jet setter, individuals scattered around the enviornment started having visions and talking prophetically about a future Trump presidency. This “Refrain of Prophetic Voices,” as we are calling them, instructed of a unsuitable however extremely effective man, rising in his non secular convictions and, thwarted time and again, however eventually persisting in his mission to handbook the enviornment in a battle between correct and contemptible. Compiled by author BethAnon, Admire Joy Trump modified into once unprejudiced appropriate launched.

Are You a Fool for Tom cats?

Apr 7, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Fresh Title Readily available Early Might presumably also

Here is a sneak gape at a original all-color, lavishly illustrated book that shares the secrets and tactics of cat language.

In show for you to impress your pussy’s meows, you will be capable to admire this files, first published in the 1800s and updated with contemporary spellings and improbable photos. No cat lover might maybe well soundless be with out our upcoming book; Pussy and Her Language, due for open mid-April. Join our Readers Community on the backside of this page and we are able to let when it is some distance available on Amazon. Meow

A Fresh Winner!

Oct 15, 2019 | , | 0 Comments

Our trace original open—White Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of SpyGate by Captain Roy D— is the #1 Fresh Release for Social Science References on Amazon. This book is a 433-page encyclopedia of the occasions and individuals occupied with these occasions around and for the reason that 2016 election. It shows the correct issues that contain been occurring while the mainstream media modified into once yelling lies about Russia Russia Russia for in relation to 3 years. We all know that the Russia story modified into once intended as an assault on the President, however it absolutely modified into once also a designed to distract US Electorate from luminous what modified into once going down. This book shares what they contain been hiding.

Don’t Read This E book

Aug 19, 2019 | | 0 Comments

Coming soon!

It’s a book about all you uncared for while the media modified into once screaming Russia, Russia, Russia!

What modified into once so almighty foremost they didn’t favor you to listen to? Oh look! There’s a hen!

I’m No longer a Swamp Creature

Swamp creature? What are you? Some beget of conspiracy theorist? There aren’t any swamp creatures.

Within the occasion you cherished our closing book, and even when you didn’t, you will be capable to admire this one.

Coming in September.

Amazon #1 Simplest Seller

Mar 9, 2019 | | 0 Comments

Relentlessly Ingenious E book’s original title QAnon: An Invitation to The Huge Awakening, thanks in section to a firestorm of controversy from the enemy camp (the legacy foremost-plod media) achieved Simplest Seller plan in no longer as a lot as 6 days. The book, written by 12 nameless authors, achieved #1 in the Political Censorship and Political Freedom categories and #2 on Amazon’s overall Simplest Seller checklist. With over 500 five-megastar reviews, the consensus looks to be that here’s a historically foremost book and a “must read” for these willing to know the fact about the abuses and corruption including human trafficking, of many leaders in the political, corporate, non secular and media arenas. WWG1WGA (Where we sprint one we sprint all) is the battle yowl of a original circulate determined to awaken individuals which contain been lulled into complaicancy while they are being robbed, broken and enslaved.

QAnon: An Invitation to The Huge Awakening

The most admonished book of my lifetime.

I even contain never ahead of experienced the publishing of a book that contains solutions so unfriendly, so unhealthy that the press writes articles and news reviews that are so determined to preserve us from even reading them. That truth on my own might maybe well soundless make it a must read for any odd mind or seeker of fact.


news, and the mainstream media at gigantic contain a confirmed song file of deception and counterfeit reporting. Keep in mind WMDs? How about the Gulf of Tonkin? The checklist is unending and ongoing to this day.

Within the occasion you’re a one who likes to take into consideration themselves neatly instructed, no matter your political leanings or internal most feelings about particular avid gamers on the political world stage, you owe it to yourself nowadays least give an correct contain a look on the diversified aspect of the story.

It’s neatly identified that historical previous is written by the winners. We’re completely getting one level of survey from the mainstream, they assuredly’re rabid of their opposition to our awakening.

What are they so disturbed of?

By Nathan Watson on Amazon Critiques, Mar 08, 2019

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