Gio’s Snoopy Party

To quote mommy Rio, “Iba ang party pag may labor of love ni mommy.” And indeed it’s true! While opting to hire a party supplier for the balloon decors and stage backdrop, mommy Rio still made sure Gio’s party was filled with DIY details. She drew the exact look of the backdrop she wanted and … Read more

Briel’s Moana Party

Better get your pens ready and start taking down notes because this theme is going to be a sure favorite! With summer fast approaching, a Moana-inspired party is definitely something to consider. Briel’s mom, Mild, put together an amazing classroom party filled with details from the movie Moana – even making her own Heart of … Read more

Luna’s Owl Party

You know I love to DIY! My friends usually get dragged into over-the-top party planning and styling mode when we’re preparing an event – only because it’s what I love to do. And since they love me, they let me get all cray-cray with the planning😂 But there’s one friend who I know enjoys this as much as … Read more

Danila’s Bohemian Beach Party

There’s no denying summer’s here and a beach trip is in order! You might as well celebrate a happy occasion while you’re in the beach, right? Mommy Gilsie took advantage of their Boracay trip to celebrate Danila’s 3rd birthday; and what was supposedly just a simple beach vacation with family and friends turned out to be an … Read more

Lucas’ Star Wars Party

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, DIY Jedi Mommy Myka put-together a very spacial special Star Wars party. The force was definitely strong with this one; imagine even making a DIY landspeeder to serve as focal point! True, she had amazing troopers suppliers by her side, but mommy Myka (and daddy … Read more

William’s Woodland Party

Forest friends, check! Teepee, check! Wood chop, check! Today’s featured party has all the elements of a fun woodland party that’s fast becoming a favorite in the party scene. It’s such a versatile theme that’s fit for a boy or girl and there are many ways of executing it – rustic, chic, woodsy – and, let’s … Read more

Mochia’s Ice Cream Party

So here’s the scoop. The mommy who shared her sweet strawberry-themed party is back, now with an even sweeter theme to tickle our fancies…an ice cream party! It’s the rainy season, we know, but who doesn’t get excited over ice cream? Add to that, a ridiculously delicious-looking cake; those types that you almost never want to … Read more

Emma’s Dinosaur Party

Yes you read it right, it’s a dinosaur party for a little girl! It’s so refreshing to see this theme in all shades of pinks and pastels. After all, who says only little boys play with dinosaurs?  Mommy Katrina decided on a first birthday party theme when Emma was just a few months old and … Read more