The Holistic Industrial Marketer Certification Program

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Holistic Marketing and marketing Certification

(Licensed by the AUNLP)

This program will permit you to become a “Licensed Holistic Marketer”

This program specializes in two parts of promoting:

Self perception – Breaking thru your boundaries. In repeat to procure you from where it’s likely you’ll well also very properly be, with tiny or no products and tiny or no gross sales, to where strive to be: Earning profits whilst you sleep by selling products online. I might utilize the fundamental phase of day one with you breaking thru your boundaries.

Point of curiosity – Getting clear on what it’s likely you’ll well also very properly be going to sell, according to your ordinary abilities.

Coal with enough stress turns to diamonds. Let Steve aid you flip your industry into a gem!

Put: Cyber web

Dates: You can open anytime.

Amble: Three weeks is the shortest allowable
completion time. One One year is the longest allowable completion

Mark: $675 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $10 (contains 11 video coaching modules and a 100-page course book)

Registration deadline: Restricted time.

Cancellation protection: Within 60 days.

Must haves: None

What You Will Be taught: rob the abilities and data you already delight in or are discovering out and make extra money for your observe and online.

What’s going to the certificates peek admire? Is there a sample?

As soon as I hiss with of us about what they’re doing by strategy of promoting, I customarily hear the an identical things:

  • “I delight in a chum who is going to form a web web site for me, but they haven’t gotten spherical to it but.”
  • “I would decide to sell products online, and I delight in a few tips for products, but I haven’t recorded any but and I am now not certain sell them when I originate.”
  • “I am writing a book on my topic, it’ll be out subsequent One year.”

This program is designed to procure you to let dash of imaginary boundaries and procure fully focused and committed to:

  1. Turning into confident in who it’s likely you’ll well also very properly be as a holistic practitioner.
  2. Getting taking beneath consideration increasing 5 products according to your data.
  3. Producing those 5 products (ebooks, movies, or audios)
  4. Selling those 5 products online.

“This program is now not about turning into a marketing mastermind alone! That is set sharing your gifts and giving support! It is set helping others and generating wealth doing what you love. The extra you aid others the extra wealth you are going to generate. Turn out to be a pioneer for your enviornment!”

– Steve G. Jones

Trainer: Steve G. Jones has over 20 years expertise as a licensed medical hypnotist, both teaching hypnosis college students and working with purchasers. His checklist of venerable purchasers contains: Danny Bonaduce, Jeraldine Saunders (creator of the Admire Boat TV sequence), Tom Mankiewicz (creator of Superman the movie), and tons other celebrities.

Steve’s abilities encompass:

  • High Selling Author
  • Has Written over 22 books on Hypnosis
  • Very best Selling Certification Applications
  • NLP Certification
  • Hypnosis
  • Lifestyles Educating
  • Industrial Educating
  • Numerology and More!
  • Creator of over 9,000 Hypnosis Recordings
  • Has been featured on TruTV, CNN, Fox Recordsdata, CBS and NBC

Steve has served on the board of directors of the American Lung Association in Los Angeles, California. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, National Board of Licensed Scientific Hypnotists, founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, member of the International Registry of Scientific Hypnotists, associate member of the APA (American psychological affiliation, member number 29263998), has presented his hypnosis analysis at the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners, bought the President’s appreciation award for his excellent contributions to the American Association for Adult and Persevering with Training, is a member of the American Board of Hypnosis, member of Who’s Who amongst Students in American Universities and Colleges, member of Pi Lambda Theta International Honor Society and Skilled Association in Training, member of Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, member of the Golden Key Honor Society, recipient of the National Management Award from the US National Congressional Committee, bought a bachelor’s diploma in psychology from the College of Florida, bought a grasp’s diploma in training from Armstrong Atlantic and Deliver College, bought the educational specialist diploma from Georgia Southern College, and is for the time being a doctoral candidate in training at Georgia Southern College.

Route Enviornment materials

Module 1: Each day Habits for Marketing and marketing Success

  • Introduction
  • Hypnosis session for marketing and industry objectives
  • Insist questions and solutions relating to enviornment of interest marketing
  • 5 extremely advantageous day to day habits for online industry success
  • How to outsource all parts of your holistic industry

Module 2: Following Via with Solutions (Persistence)

  • Turning tips into products
  • Managing your day to day schedule to meet your marketing objectives
  • Striking forward focus and persistence in online holistic marketing
  • How to conquer doubt for your holistic marketing understanding
  • The importance of following thru with all your web marketing tips

Module 3: Faucet into your Assured Self (to Turn out to be a Marketing and marketing Guru)

  • How to dash from marketing newbie to expert rapid and without articulate
  • Unleashing your inner marketing self assurance
  • The importance of tutorial training in branding your self
  • Overcoming boundaries in online holistic marketing
  • Hypnosis session to prepare you to be unstoppable in marketing

Module 4: Going thru your Fears Pertaining to Marketing and marketing your Services and products

  • Insist examples of fears that withhold of us support and overcome them
  • How to proceed transferring forward in marketing your services and products
  • Establishing day to day habits that will insure your ongoing success
  • How to thrill in laser-admire focus in marketing

Module 5: How to Ticket Your self Because the Leader for your Enviornment

  • Insist examples of the factual and unsuitable approach to originate your imprint
  • How to resolve the title you are going to enlighten to advertise your self for your enviornment
  • How to resolve your target market
  • Know what essential parts ought to be included for your industry card, web articulate material, brochures, etc.

Module 6: Conserving your Branding Straightforward

  • How to procure extra purchasers than you ever imagined likely
  • How to bring products and services and products to your target market
  • How to withhold your focus for your explicit imprint

Module 7: How to Market Your self

  • Powerful examples of how diminutive modifications for your marketing come can yield mammoth dividends for the rest of your life
  • Essentially the most attention-grabbing 4 parts fundamental to advertise your industry
  • Insist examples of defective-marketing your imprint with other an identical manufacturers that you make

Module 8: Product Constructing

  • Steve discusses the step-by-step scheme for taking tips that already exist online and including your personalized touch to them
  • Significance of increasing and selling CD’s, mp3’s, ebooks, physical books, movies, etc.
  • Where to clutch background song for recordings and movies
  • A actually straight forward to make enlighten of guide for determining how many modules to make per program
  • Pricing and FTC regulations

Module 9: Product Diagnosis

  • An evaluation of 5 product tips exhibiting rob them from being overall product tips to tips that will generate money for the rest of your life
  • An evaluation of the advantages of manufacturing and selling both ebooks and physical books
  • The importance of having a huge alternative of applications in the marketplace
  • An evaluation of the importance of the choice of modules in every program
  • Witness which product codecs are seen as having bigger payment and therefore deserving your focus

Module 10: Certification and Instruction

  • How to make certification applications that it’s likely you’ll well also sell to other mavens for your enviornment
  • The essential distinction between the introduction of an instruction product and a certification program
  • How to flip your expertise into a certification course that will yield earnings forever
  • How to funds your money and time in enlighten that it’s likely you’ll well also rapid and without articulate product top quality certification applications

Module 11: Applications: Forms, Hours and Pricing

  • An in depth evaluation of make online classes
  • The advantageous size of time for a web based course that it’s likely you’ll make and sell
  • How to make in-person and online classes
  • An evaluation of the high ask for certification applications, why they’re so wildly favorite and the formulation it’s likely you’ll well also financially procure pleasure from this style
  • How to resolve the correct imprint for any product that will allow it to sell in any economic self-discipline

“Since I made up my tips to rob your course and pursue this route, things delight in indubitably spread out for me. I realized an workplace that is in a huge space that works completely with my industry understanding for a hypnotherapy health center. I will be in observe inner one month 🙂 Thanks for the muse.”

– Joseph Speranzella

“I will look why Steve G. Jones is the chief in his enviornment. He has a huge wealth of data which he shares in a indubitably easy formulation. Oh, and did I mention, it be advantageous making over $100/hour while helping of us, too!”

– J.T. Manchester, Contemporary Hampshire

“I attended one in every of Steve’s classes in the 80’s and understanding he used to be huge then…now he’s purely advantageous!!”

– E.G. Kent, England


– Bonus Video #12: Branding, Piece A

– Bonus Video #13: Branding, Piece B

– Bonus Video #14: Branding, Piece C

– Bonus Video #15: Products, Piece A

– Bonus Video #16: Products, Piece B

– Bonus Video #17: Products, Piece C

– Bonus Video #18: Products, Piece D

Holistic Marketing and marketing Certification Coaching FAQs

Q: Is your certification favorite in every single home
in the World?

A: Yes. To the most straightforward of our data, at this
time, our certification is favorite in every single home.

Q: Will I need another coaching in repeat to
observe Holistic Marketing and marketing moreover your course?

A: No. Our course is all you are going to be wanting.

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