Top Parties from HMP’s Second Year

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I have been MIA, I know, but I’m not letting the year pass without doing our annual Top Parties post and thanking you all for the support and love you give HMP. Thankful always 😘 Like usual, we round-up the most viewed party features the past year, covering HMP’s second year (December 2015 to November 2016). Looking forward to another great year with you all!

10. Gene and Joy’s Tweet Wedding: One of the tweetest weddings we’ve featured and absolutely filled with DIYs!  Check it out here.Homemade Parties_DIY Wedding15

9. Shaun’s Monthly Shoots. A themed shoot each month to capture baby Shaun’s first year milestones. See the family’s fun photos here.Homemade Parties_DIY Montlhly_Shaun42

8. Pierre’s Camp Party. Teepees, vintage lamps and metal bowls: check! Get some inspiration for your next camping-themed party here.

7. J3 and Mae’s DIY Wedding. Handmade notes and other DIY elements filled this classic romantic wedding! Learn from the couple’s DIYs here.

6. Ardith’s Pineapple Party. Pineapples are apparently a thing this 2016! See how to party like a pineapple here!
Homemade Parties_DIY Pineapple Party_Ardith09

5. Russel’s Nemo Party. We found a Nemo party for you this year because, with the new movie that came out, kids are sure to ask for this as a theme! See the party here.Homemade Parties DIY Finding Nemo Dory _ Russel14

4. Alexi’s Donut Party. Mommy had  a DIY pineapple party (see #6) and the daughter had a donut party this year! Love this family’s party themes! Check it out this party here.

3. Chloe’s Bear Party. Here’s a beary cute picnic and bear-themed party for some inspiration. See this lovely party hereHomemade Parties DIY Party _Bear Party Chloe05

2. The Santos Family Luau. Next thing we know it’s summer again! Check out this tropical party here and take notes for your summer party!Homemade Parties_DIY Luau Party_Santos08

1.  Ingrid’s Kokeshi Doll Party. Check out this sweet Japanese-inspired party filled with cherry blossoms and kokeshi dolls  here.

This completes our top parties for HMP’s second year! Happy New Year guys and my your 2017 be even more fulfilling than your past years! Thanks for dropping by!

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