How Can Help You Find And Understand Government Services Is The Official Website Of The U.S. Government That Connects You With Various Government Benefits, Programs, And Information. Whether You Need Help With Your Health, Money, Education, Or Immigration, Can Guide You To The Right Resources And Answers. Here Are Some Of The Topics That Covers:


About The U.S. And Its Government


You Can Learn About The History, Culture, And Structure Of The U.S. Government At You Can Also Find And Contact Your Elected Officials At The Federal, State, And Local Levels.




If You Have A Problem With A Government Agency, A Product Or Service, Travel, Housing, Or Banking, You Can File A Complaint On You Can Also Learn How To Resolve Your Complaint And Get Your Rights Protected.


Disability Services


If You Or Someone You Love Has A Disability, You Can Find Government Benefits And Programs For People With Disabilities And Their Families On You Can Also Learn About Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Person With A Disability.


Disasters And Emergencies Can Help You Prepare For And Recover From A Disaster Or Emergency. You Can Learn How To Get Financial Assistance, Find Emergency Housing, Avoid Eviction, And More.


Education Can Help You With Your Education Goals. You Can Find Information About Federal Student Aid For College, How To Study In The U.S., And Libraries.


Government Benefits Can Help You Find Government Programs That May Help Pay For Food, Housing, Health Care, And More. You Can Also Learn How To Apply For These Benefits And Check Your Eligibility.


Health Can Help You Find Health Resources From The Government. You Can Learn About Health Insurance, Health Care Services, Mental Health, Wellness, And More.


Housing Help Can Help You With Your Housing Needs. You Can Learn About Rental And Buyer Assistance Programs, Find Emergency Housing, And Avoid Eviction.


Immigration And U.S. Citizenship Can Help You With Your Immigration And Citizenship Issues. You Can Learn About U.S. Residency, Green Cards, Citizenship Requirements, And Related Issues.


Jobs, Labor Laws, And Unemployment Can Help You With Your Career Development. You Can Get Resources For Finding A Job and learn About Unemployment Insurance And Important Labor Laws.


Laws And Legal Issues Can Help You With Your Legal Matters. You Can Learn How To Find Legal Help, Replace Vital Records, Get Child Support Enforcement, And More.


Military And Veterans Can Help You With Your Military Service Or Veteran Status. You Can Learn How To Join The Military And Find Benefits And Services As A Member Or Veteran.


Money And Credit Can Help You With Your Money Management. You Can Find Government Grants, Loans, and Unclaimed Money, Learn About Taxes, Get Credit Reports And Scores.


Scams And Fraud Can Help You Protect Yourself From Scams And Frauds. You Can Report A Scam And Learn How To Avoid Them.


Small Business Can Help You Start Your Own Business. You Can Learn How To Plan, Register, Finance, Market, And Grow Your Business.


Taxes Can Help You With Your Taxes. You Can Learn About Filing Federal Income Tax, Find Out How To Pay, How To Check Your Refund Status, And More. Also Provides Links To Other U.S. Government Websites Such As The White House, The Congress, The Supreme Court, Etc.

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