What is the WhiteHouse.gov website and what does it offer?

The WhiteHouse.gov website is the official online source of information about the White House, the residence and workplace of the President and First Family of the United States. The website also showcases the policies, priorities, and initiatives of the Biden-Harris administration, as well as the news, statements, releases, speeches, and briefings from the White House. Moreover, the website invites the public to engage and participate in various issues and topics that affect the nation and the world.

Some of the features and contents of the whitehouse.gov website include:


  • The National Security Strategy : This document outlines how the United States will advance its vital interests and pursue a free, open, prosperous, and secure world. It covers areas such as diplomacy, defense, intelligence, homeland security, development, trade, and global health.
  • The Budget of the U.S. Government : This document presents the President’s proposals for allocating federal resources to achieve his vision for America. It covers areas such as education, health care, infrastructure, climate change, immigration, and foreign affairs.
  • The White House History and Art : This section showcases the historical and artistic aspects of the White House, such as its architecture, furnishings, gardens, and collections. It also features stories and photos of past presidents, first families, and events that took place in the White House.


The White House website is managed by the Office of Digital Strategy, which is part of the White House Office. The website was launched in 1994 by the Clinton administration and has undergone several redesigns and updates since then. The website is accessible in both English and Spanish languages.

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